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Online Slot Game Guide

Traditional casinos wouldn’t be the same without the typical sound of slot machines. The winners jump for joy when the coins collide with each other and against the metal container. The feeling of pulling the lever and immersing yourself in the beautiful sound of the game is almost fascinating.

However, nowadays more and more players are starting to venture into the world of online slot games from the comfort of home or from wherever, through mobile devices.

Mobile online casinos are a very good option given the ease of playing in them, avoiding having to constantly insert a card or enter coins into a machine.

Playing online also has the advantage of being available anytime, anywhere, you don’t need to travel or move from wherever you are. This is why online slot games turn out to be more convenient and easy to use, making the way you play more efficient compared to a slot machine in a physical casino.

Most common types of online slot games

In general, slots have evolved considerably since they were launched online. From traditional fruit machines to games with movie animations, it’s clear that slot games will continue to grow and become more complex and advanced. Today, players can enjoy a wide variety of types of online slot games: 3D slots, progressive, with 243 paylines, games inspired by popular video games and even virtual reality slots.

Online slot games include a wide range of variations, from games that mimic classic slots to high-tech slot machines. It is possible to see titles that use 3D graphics, as well as progressive slots, where the prize depends on all those who are playing it. While classic slot games use recognizable symbols from fruit machines, modern slots create their own symbols and icons depending on the developer and theme of the game.

Most online video slots follow the typical 25-line structure, with some vertical variations. Thanks to new technologies and developments, it is possible to enjoy slot games with up to 243 paylines. The most recent type of slot game that is coming to market is that of video game formats, which are spreading more and more.

Several slot developers license characters from movies, TV shows, and famous comics. After the merger between Marvel and Disney, Playtech turned to DC Comics to work together on a new line, incorporating famous characters. NetEnt’s slot games are among the most popular, and are often among the best titles every year.

How online slot games work

This guide to slot games wouldn’t be useful if we didn’t talk about how it works. Knowing how slot machines work from a technical point of view is a topic for developers and engineers. However, having a general understanding of how slot games work helps players be more prepared to spin reels.

Understanding slot game reels

Virtual reels from online slot games are used to represent the software program that randomly generates the symbol combos of each spin. The symbols of online slots are not subject to a specific order but randomly when the software switches. Although the word reel is used for online slots, it actually represents a fundamental part of physical slot machines.

What are payment lines?

Payment lines, unlike reels, have no origin since the days of physical slot machines. The original slot machines used the middle row as the winning line, so there is no need to refer to it or its multiples.

Paylines were set up to describe the different ways an online slot player can win in a spin. Online slot games offer not just one way to win, but up to 243 combinations, depending on the number of reels and the title you’re playing.

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